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  • Ev1 Logistics would like to congratulate our very own Joe Gough on an amazing performance at the Ironman held in Portugal

    Oct 26, 2023

    Ev1 Logistics would like to congratulate our very own Joe Gough on an amazing performance at the Ironman held in Portugal last weekend. With a fantastic 11hrs & 42mins.

    The behemoth of triathlon. Raced over a 2.4mile (3.8km) swim, 112mile (180km) bike and 26.2mile (42.2km) run,

    Well Done Joe!
    We are thinking of adding am Ironman service to our offering, Joe will swim, bike and run your delivery!

  • It is all about 3PL, Pick & Pack.

    Sep 21, 2023

    It is all about 3PL, Pick & Pack. Let the Ev1 Team support your business and become your fulfillment partner. Based in Bromborough, South Wirral, ideally located for the motorway network.

    Get in touch today for more detail:
    Tel: 0151 317 7004

  • Ev1 Logistics Limited are proud to be working with Great Food Affairs (GFA).

    Aug 1, 2023

    Ev1 Logistics Limited are proud to be working with Great Food Affairs (GFA). Ev1 take in containers of Bruschetta, repack, relabel and distribute to Aldi RDCs across the UK.

    Can we help your company with similar?

  • EV1 Logistics has achieved BRC Accreditation (Grade A) for the NEW premises in Bromborough (BRCGS Site Code 10009234).

    Jun 27, 2023

    EV1 Logistics has achieved BRC Accreditation (Grade A) for the NEW premises in Bromborough (BRCGS Site Code 10009234).

    The scope of activites covered are:
    The storage & distribution of ambient foods, packaging materials and consumer products.
    The contract packing of pre-packed ambient goods.

  • Due to the Ev1 Logistics expansion we have increased capacity for pick/pack, stock re-working and labelling projects.

    Jun 26, 2023

    Due to the Ev1 Logistics expansion we have increased capacity for pick/pack, stock re-working and labelling projects. One off projects or ongoing activity being actively sought!

    Contact Ian 0151 317 7004 or

  • Pallet storage, 3PL or Pick & Pack

    Mar 30, 2023

    Pallet storage, 3PL or Pick & Pack

    Ev1 Logistics has NEW warehouses in Bromborough serving the Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside & the UK


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POS Distribution & Kitting

Why Use The EV1 Logistics Team for your POS distribution needs?

Ev1 Logistics provides extensive and complete warehousing, pick n pack, mailing and distribution services. With experienced staff in place, Ev1 specialise in collation of point of sale kits, branded merchandise packaging and mailing campaigns, this can be, from simple, one-off distributions to complex leaflet mailing campaigns to support brand marketing plans with full implementation. With substantial warehousing and handling facilities Ev1 logistics can offer wide spectrum, custom made solutions across a range of logistics requirements.

With over 35,000 square feet of secure storage space racked 5 pallet high we can handle bulk and single storage of assorted material, from promotional merchandise through to high value consumer goods and printed literature.

For simple one off to complex kits and customer specific POS packs , Ev1 will ensure the most efficient production-line layout is in place to ensure everything we pack is complete and correct, every time. Each request is handled in its own zone with allocated merchandise for specific job, enabling 100% accuracy before dispatch. We'll ensure that the right packaging materials are used, from stock or tailor-made envelopes through to plain cartons, in order to ensure that your material is fully protected and secure. We ensure that all stock is correctly located and rotated and that audit trails are available to provide comprehensive tracking and reporting on all stock movements.

Our objective is all about 100% accuracy, delivery on time, every time. With a wide range of options available, we will recommend the most appropriate distribution method for your goods so as to ensure that you get the best possible value for money.

Carrier: Up to 30 kgs next day & 48 hr service to full pallet deliveries UK & Channel Isles

Mail: Small items (>1kg). Normal - High volume mail sort, labeling and output. Recorded or Special Delivery options

Ev1 transport: Used for sensitive or unusual packages, tightly timed deliveries or 'out of business hours' requests.

Ev1 Logistics will guarantee an efficient and effective response to any returns. All returns will be handled in a fashion appropriate to your business return policy. With all aspects of customer service and inventory management adequately resourced and managed.

We recognise the importance of providing timely, detailed and accurate management reports and offer a full reporting system designed specifically to meet our clients own requirements.

Ev1 Logistics is working with ICM to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Ev1 Logistics realizes the importance of its position in the community and again with the help of ICM is also working towards ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

With professional and dedicated contacts, plus expert warehousing within a secure environment, Ev1 Logistics can offer a service which can provide complete fulfillment order and distribution solution. Ev1 work ethic is for accuracy and reliability, working alongside proactive administration and stringent financial control.

3PL or 3rd party Logistics

What is 3PL or 3rd Party Logistics?

Ev1 Logistics as a Logistics Provider works with businesses to get their products to the end user this can be B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). 

For Example:

Ev1 would hold your stock in the warehouse, when an order is received via Shopify or similar software (Ev1 has open API for many software solutions), Ev1 then pick, pack the order and dispatch by Royal Mail, 24hr Courier, Pallet Service or dedicated vehicle.

Ev1 track, trace dispatches and ensure deliveries are made. 

Returns can be costly and complicated, however the Ev1 returns process allow returned stock to be put back into stock quickly preventing lost sales and stock right off.

Reporting of every step is a key component for all parties which demonstrates; efficiency (order picking, delivery, stock levels), cost effectiveness & customer confidence.

Call Ian on Tel. +44 (0)151 317 7000 or email


Co-Packing & Re-Working Services


Ev1 Logistics offers a fantastic range of packing, labeling and co-packing services to UK Manufacturers / Retailers.

For Example:

  • Kitting POS together and dispatching to stores / sales teams
  • Re-Working stock for retail / wholesale customers
  • Co-Packing stock into customer specific packs / promotions
  • Labeling & Over labeling

Using a range of L Sealers & Heat Tunnels allows Ev1 to produce a high quality end quality product suitable for retail / grocery items. Our flexibility and response allows quick turnaround for smaller projects but also allows contract packing projects to be completed to the highest standards.

Contact one of the Ev1 Logistics team for more details.


Tel. 0151 317 7004

Promotional Procurement

Branded Merchandise / Premiums & Point Of Sale

Ev1 Logistics Ltd has developed the capability and expertise to source and manufacture any product in support of customer promotional platforms, satisfying high quality / safety requirements and at the same time providing cost savings where available.

Specialising in supporting “Blue Chip” brands with value added consumer / premium led trade promotions and loyalty incentives. In conjunction with brand teams Ev1 Logistics introduce and develop original ideas & innovative design of premiums and offer credible display solutions.

A key driver is to deliver to maintain brand integrity and increased sales / profit for our customers large and small.

With offices in the United Kingdom & partner network in Hong Kong and Europe we are ideally positioned to understand market and client requirements. We have developed a significant factory network for the innovation, design, sourcing and manufacture of products throughout the UK, Eastern Europe and China.

Whether directly or through our factory network, all our manufacturing facilities are socially, ethically and client compliant, passing audits / standards set by EU and corporate guidelines / testing.

We provide clients with the reassurance that the entire process from quote stage, production process, freight and distribution is managed professionally, providing regular communication, feedback and progress throughout.

Premium led promotions offer the key benefit of being both cost-effective and fully quantifiable. To provide these advantages –

  • We can assist with creating the promotional brief
  • We create ideas, and develop imaginative premium merchandise/concepts to meet your needs, time scales and budgetary guidelines
  • We design, source and manufacture product packaging, barcode, display solutions and pre-merchandised shippers to match exacting and specific customer requirements
  • We provide Clients with the reassurance and peace of mind that all of our products, no matter what country of source, comply with all International legislative and best practice guidelines (quality, safety, legislative, environmental and ethical standards).

Through using these approved audit procedures, we ensure the following key considerations are addressed as part of our Standard Operating Procedures, across;


We ensure that for each step from pre production, production and pre-shipment there is in depth inspection to ensure all specifications on design, quality and packaging are met.

Product testing provides us with the security and comfort that all products are tested at our nominated laboratories to establish the structural detail of each product, the appropriateness and compliance of each product with the relevant destination country’s legal and safety requirements.

Our audit protocols utilise internationally recognised audit techniques to audit and review the manufacturing process from the sourcing of raw materials, through production, post-production and waste management issues.

Ethical & Fair Trade
In order to satisfy international and country specific due diligence requirements, all our factory facilities are audited to establish current compliance with all Legislative and Best Practice to ensure that the production environment is safe, ethical and well managed with people being treated rightly, fairly and with respect ~ whether employees, contractors, suppliers or the local communities in which they operate.

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